Data Platforms

Data Platforms

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What Are Data Management Platforms?

Also known as big data platforms or data integration platforms, data management platforms are a type of software platform designed to collect large volumes of data from multiple sources and manage it all. Data management platforms are commonly utilised by marketing agencies, advertising agencies and publishers to produce high-quality, custom data sets that can be used to identify their target audience and produce online advertising that targets a relevant audience.

Types of Data Platforms

Microsoft Azure Generative AI

What is Microsoft Azure Generative AI?

Microsoft Azure generative AI is a data platform on cloud servers that utilises artificial intelligence to generate new unique content based on natural language input, including text, images and code output. Users that want a simple way to access, manage and develop applications and services via global data centres can use Microsoft Azure generative AI services for Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) related capabilities. Microsoft Azure generative AI supports multiple programming tools, languages and frameworks created by both Microsoft and other software development companies.


What is LLMs?

Large Language Models (LLMs) is an AI language model that’s capable of understanding language and generating high-quality text. Large Language Models work by continually predicting what the next words in the text will be based on what text has already been inputted until the content is complete. Large Language Models can generate well-written responses that sound like they were written by a human rather than by software.
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Vector Database

What is a Vector Database?

A vector database ChatGPT platform is a database that’s designed to store and manage vectors (fixed-length lists of numbers) and other types of data, such as text, audio, images and more. A vector database ChatGPT platform follows a process referred to as vector embedding to make managing datasets significantly simpler and more efficient, as this data will all be managed in numerical values.

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