Monolithic to Microservices

Monolithic to Microservices

Enterprise-grade application, platform and data transformation

Safe and practical Application Modernisation.

Transforming your monolithic application into a Microservices architecture may seem a distant goal, especially with all the challenges, red-tape and risks in place. 

Many modernisation processes start and fail for any number of reasons.

Not Started

  • Unaware of, or still identifying problems
  • Timing doesn’t suit business
  • Too many options, suffering from analysis paralysis
  • Scared of the risk of failure
  • Too hard / No-one to drive it


  • Unclear of what needs to be done
  • Lack of knowledge or skills
  • No budget / Too expensive
  • Unable to determine a viable solution
  • No resource capacity


  • Unclear of deliverable
  • Delivery timelines slipping
  • Scope creep, bigger than expected
  • Lack of Skills / Resources
  • Lack of clear requirements


  • Tried and Failed
  • Doesn’t solve the problem
  • Inadequate business value
  • Not agile/flexible enough
  • Inadequate Security

Day 2 Ops.

  • Bad performance, unreliable
  • Expensive Support & Operations
  • Unable to meet demands
  • Insufficient visibility to issues
  • Maintenance and Technical debt
We understand the challenges

We thrive in complex environments and disruptive industries. We understand that while challenges and outcomes maybe similar across businesses, the best approach is unique to each organisation. 

Our expert team of industry consultants and engineers will help you design, deliver and build the bespoke solution to achieve the business outcomes that you strive for.

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Real technical & industry experience

Access our years of experience to get a head start on your projects. Gain invaluable insight and advice.

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Bespoke enterprise-grade solutions

If we’re all digging holes with the same shovel, we’re all going to dig the same type of hole. The key to gaining a competitive edge is to invest in what will differentiate you, and that's why bespoke works.

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Plan it. Prove it. Scale it.

Our practical best practices approach to modernising your application ensures your teams are uplifted, and that you see success.

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Outcome based approach

Based into our DNA is our outcome based approached to every project that we deliver. Our Squad model ensures technical and business perspectives are covered.

Featured technical experience 

Our Approach

For every solution to have its competitive edge, we make a conscious effort to understand what’s beyond the technology functions and features. Our approach is purposeful, streamlined, and we never shy from a challenge. Our commitment to make it a success, not just in the short-term, but for the long-haul.

Approach icon1
1. Discover

Workshop, analyse and understand the desired outcomes and requirements.

Approach icon2
2. Plan & Design

Develop a practical design, roadmap and strategy to achieving your outcomes.

Approach icon3
3. Execute

Our engineers will build your bespoke solution, and uplift and transfer skills to your team.

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4. Review and Improve

Commitment to success. Review and implement processes for continuous improvement.

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