Clinical Registry

Clinical Registry

Clinical Registry modernises its data collection and reporting processes to improve patient care.

Data collection, measuring and assessment platform

  • Support secure site-based data collection
  • Support benchmark reporting to hospitals, clinicians, funders, and the ICU
  • Monitor ICU trends
  • Allow self-service ICU data collection with transparent feedback and reporting for local ICU’s

The Solution
Playtime Solutions was engaged to architect, design and implement an enterprise-scale, data collection, and analytics solution.

Key requirements included:

  • Minimal impact on change management
  • Supports the collection of patient demographics, clinical, and admission data.
  •  Workflow and data validation processes to ensure accurate and quality data entry
  •  Easy to use to support varying skills of users.

Playtime Solutions delivered a bespoke, secure, highly scalable, multi-cloud data collection, and data quality and reporting platform, which provided the following features and functions:

  • Customisable data reports and dashboards
  • Data integration and management
  • Data validation processes to automate, cleanse and standardise imported, integrated, and manually entered data.
  •  A Secure, highly scalable, and robust platform for performance, security, and reliability.

The Results

  •  Streamlined real-time records management and data collection
  •  Reliable data dashboards and reports for confident decision making
  •  Access to rich data and information to support research in improving patient care and outcomes
  • Secure and private records and data management to meet regulatory compliance.
  •  Easy to use and feature rich application for the best user experience.

Clinical Registry




  • Bespoke web application
  • Data Engineering, Integration & Analytics
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Power BI

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