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Our Containerisation Service Offerings

Discovery Session

Determine whether Containerisation should stand as a foundational pillar of your migration strategy, before assessing the right solution.

Migration assessment

A structured assessment that focuses on aligning technology with business goals and objectives. Setting the course for the entire migration journey.

Posture Audit

Evaluate your existing infrastructure landscape. Assessing legacy systems and assessing their performance and security.

Already started Containerisation?

- Performance Optimisation
- Training and Support
- Technical Engineering
- Container Application Landing Zone

Not sure where to begin?

Playtime Solutions can assist with a range of solutions tailored to your business. Get in contact with the Playtime Solutions team today to uncover the best application solution for your business, or to learn more about our solution offerings.

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    Application Containerisation

    If you’re searching for the application containerisation solutions your business needs to succeed, find out how Playtime Solutions can help you. Our certified containerisation specialists work alongside your business to ensure you get the most out of your containerisation solutions.

    As a bespoke solution provider consulting across multiple industries and business sizes, we’ve seen a mix of unique and complex application, platform, and data landscapes. The three most common use cases we see when considering Containerisation are:

    1. Your applications and data are legacy or are housed on-premises, and you’re looking to migrate to the cloud.
    2. Your application and data are in a hybrid location and you’re keen to consolidate to a cloud platform to benefit from cloud-based services; or
    3. You’ve already jumped in head-first to a containerisation solution and you’re now wanting to make the most of your investment, or you’re in over your head and needing some realignment.


    Whichever category you’re aligned with, containerisation offers many compelling strategic and operational advantages that align with business goals across functions– making it an attractive option for modernising software development and deployment practices.

    Containerisation Software

    Containers on their own are meaningless. To bring true business value, the software running in these individual containers must be interconnected to collaborate and be managed by a platform that runs containerised software – this is where a container orchestration system is required.

    Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS)

    When using Kubernetes on a Hyperscaler, the control plane is managed by the Hyperscaler, and the management of the worker nodes is your responsibility. This is known as Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS). With KaaS, your organisation will actively be involved in the management and support of Kubernetes, and without significant Kubernetes administration experience, your container strategy will most likely fail. The most common KaaS offerings are Azure’s AKS, AWS’ EKS, and Google’s GKE.

    Containers as a Service (CaaS)

    The benefits of Containers as a Service (CaaS) are that it streamlines container management and automates the hosting and deployment of containerised software packages with minimal Kubernetes experience. The downsides are the lack of true control and management of the platform and increased dependency on your Hyperscale’s services and support. The most common CaaS offerings are Azure’s Container Apps, AWS’ Fargate, and Google’s GKE Autopilot.

    What are the Benefits of Containerisation?

    The broad list of benefits continues to grow rapidly as organisations of all shapes and sizes adopt Containerisation. We have distilled down the core benefits we feel are most important for businesses to understand.

    True Deployment

    Containerisation offers genuine deployment flexibility by enabling applications to be deployed seamlessly across cloud environments, on-premises infrastructure, or hybrid setups, eliminating barriers, unlocking opportunities, customising solutions, and cutting down costs.


    Containerisation enhances security by isolating applications and their dependencies from the underlying infrastructure. This mitigates risks associated with cyber threats, compliance requirements and system failures, addressing these concerns by providing much smaller, more isolated surface areas that are exposed to potential threats.

    Management Simplification and Consistent Day 2 Ops

    Containers ensure consistency and predictability in software environments by packaging applications with their dependencies in a standardised format. This minimises configuration drift, enhances reproducibility, and simplifies the deployment process, resulting in fewer errors and faster time-to-market for updates.


    Containerisation ensures consistency and predictability in software environments by packaging applications with their dependencies in a standardised format. This consistency minimises configuration drift, improves reproducibility and simplifies the deployment process, leading to fewer errors and faster time-to-market for new features and updates.


    Scale can occur automatically based on demand, enabling businesses to adjust resource allocation to meet their changing workload needs.

    Cost Optimisation

    Costs can be optimised through improvements in the use of resources, streamlining of deployment processes and automation, while reducing infrastructure overhead, operational complexity and the need for manual intervention.

    Keen to Learn More?

    Our Principal Consultants have put together this whitepaper to show how, by adopting the right containerisation solution and implementing it correctly, businesses can accelerate innovation, improve agility and gain a competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

    Strategic Technology Partners

    We are proud to have strategic partnerships with leading technology providers. Our industry experts and technical engineers are qualified and experienced in a range of leading technologies.

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