Next-Gen Migration

Next-Gen Migration

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Playtime Solutions is a nextgen integration provider revolutionising how Australian businesses shift from using legacy systems to using the Horizon cloud service. Our next-gen migration experts have vast experience helping companies using legacy on-premises infrastructure that are struggling with cloud architectures to make migration to using the Horizon cloud service seamless. No matter what your server requirements are, we can help you.

What is Next-Gen Cloud Migration?

The term next-gen cloud migration refers to the practice of moving a company’s data, applications and IT infrastructure from a traditional on-premises server or an older cloud server to a new and more advanced cloud platform.

The Benefits of Next-Gen Cloud Migration


Automation tools can be utilised to implement and streamline the nextgen integration process. This allows business to automate ongoing repetitive tasks, ensuring consistency and minimising the likelihood of human errors from occurring.

Improved Security & Data Protection

Next-gen cloud migration is highly recommended, giving businesses a way to significantly upgrade their security features. Major security measures such as data encryption, access control, identity management and regular data backups will protect data against cyber threats, unauthorised personnel access and physical real-world damage.

Great Flexibility

Businesses that migrate to using a Horizon cloud service will have the flexibility they need to promptly react to the everchanging demands of the market. This flexibility allows businesses to exploit opportunities to grow and remain ahead of their competitors.


One of the main reasons companies should consider using a nextgen integration service is the significant financial savings they can experience. Migrating to a cloud server will make using physical infrastructure unnecessary, resulting in significant cost savings.
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  • Financial services

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We are proud to have strategic partnerships with leading technology providers. Our industry experts and technical engineers are qualified and experienced in a range of leading modern data platform technologies.

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