Serverless Computing

Serverless Computing

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Playtime Solutions offers premium serverless computing consulting services that can streamline the serverless application development process. By implementing a state-of-the-art serverless architecture as part of their development ecosystem, businesses can align their cloud infrastructure with their business objectives in a cost-effective manner.

What is Serverless Architecture?

Serverless architecture is a method of building and operating applications that minimise the need to manage physical servers. This is achieved by outsourcing the resource management process to a third-party serverless computing service provider who will plan, maintain and scale the servers when necessary. This can save businesses a lot of time, as they won’t have to update, patch and manage servers themselves.

The Benefits of Serverless Architecture

Decreased Operational Costs

Implementing serverless architecture drastically reduces resource management requirements and utilises auto-scaling. These factors help to decrease operational costs.

Pay-Per-Use Pricing

Businesses can save money by implementing effective serverless architecture, ensuring they will only pay for the computing resources they require.

Increases Responsiveness

By having a serverless application model in place, a company’s development department can instead spend more time creating products, designing systems and managing infrastructure, helping to decrease how long it takes products to go to market.

Full Utilisation of Resources

Using a serverless application model makes it unnecessary to scale and manage servers, as the model includes a built-in fault tolerance function. This reduces any issues relating to boilerplate code and components.

Improved User Experience

Having a serverless application model in place allows developers to distribute new features on a daily basis and at a much faster rate. This can improve user experiences, as customer demands can be better and more quickly fulfilled.

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