Kubernetes Service

Kubernetes Service

Secure and well-architected bespoke Kubernetes solutions.

Enterprise-Grade Kubernetes for Confidence, Security & Scalability

Getting started with Kubernetes is easy, but getting up to speed so that you can securely and confidently scale business-critical applications is harder to achieve.

Playtime Solutions is an accredited Kubernetes service provider with vast experience designing and delivering enterprise-grade containerised applications. Whether you’re looking to build a new Cloud-Native application, modernise monolithic to microservices or deliver a proof-of-concept, we can help.

Bespoke Kubernetes Solutions to Maintain Your Competitive Edge

Reduce toil and improve day 2 operations with Kubernetes to enable predictable, repeatable and faster development and deployments. Get your Kubernetes platforms ready for day 2 operation, deploying best practice, production-ready Kubernetes Clusters and workloads across Azure, AWS and GCP.  

  • Enterprise-grade hardening
  • Security hardening
  • Cluster isolation and resource management
  • Networking
  • Cluster and workload security
  • Scaling your applications and clusters
  • Logging and monitoring
  • Kubernetes managed containerised workloads and services across Azure, AWS or GCP for high scalability and multi-cloud enablement
  • Container-based services for portability, cost reduction and high performance
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Enabling & Uplifting Your Engineers

We know it’s a competitive market when it comes to sourcing experienced Kubernetes engineers. That’s why, as part of our service and commitment to you, we make a point to uplift and transfer our knowledge and experience to your internal engineers, so that they can continue the good work once the solution has been delivered.

Key Technologies
Kubernetes Services
Icon Kubernetes - Strategy

Enterprise-grade Kubernetes

Ensure your Kubernetes platforms are enterprise-grade ready for day 2 operation. Scale and grow with confidence.

Icon of Kubernetes - Security

Kubernetes Security

Strengthen your security posture and have confidence that vulnerabilities have been identified and addressed.

Icon Kubernetes - HealthCheck

Kubernetes Health check

Do you have confidence that your Kubernetes environment is well-architected and secure? Our Kubernetes architecture consultants will conduct a thorough health check and provide recommendations.

Icon of Kubernetes - Monolithic to Kubernetes

Monolithic to Containers

Gain the agility and confidence to innovate at scale. Uncover your competitive edge to disrupt and deliver outstanding experiences.

Icon Kubernetes - New Kubernetes

New Containerised Applications

Kubernetes removes many of the manual processes involved with deploying and scaling containerised applications.

Icon Kubernetes - DevOps

DevOps & CI/CD Implementation with Containers (Kubernetes)

Build DevSecOps processes into your SDLC for security and speed.

Strategic Technology Partners

We are proud to have strategic partnerships with leading technology providers. Our industry experts and technical engineers are qualified and experienced in a range of leading technologies.

What is Kubernetes?

Azure Kubernetes is an open-source container management platform created by Microsoft that’s designed to help users to automate the process of operating, managing and scaling applications in containers. It can be used in multiple types of physical, virtual and cloud work environments.

Kubernetes Monitoring Tools

Playtime Solutions utilises state-of-the-art Kubernetes monitoring tools that provide valuable data and effective solutions that address all Kubernetes monitoring needs. These tools can provide:

  • Real-time health status and availability of various Kubernetes components and namespaces
  • Detailed statistics and activity status of services, pods, nodes and PVs
  • Visual graphs that organise different nodes and pods for better resource management applications
  • Better fault management due to instant alerts that activate whenever a parameter crosses the preferred threshold
  • Forecast reports that can predict Kubernetes resource growth trends based on reliable historical data
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Docker vs Kubernetes



  • Kubernetes is an open-source platform designed to manage and deploy containers
  • Kubernetes supports auto-scaling of the container in a collection
  • Performs both liveness and readiness health checks
  • Azure Kubernetes services are available on most cloud platforms
  • Provides a high level of security


  • Potential difficulty with setting up and configuring
  • Widespread documentation is not included



  • Docker is a platform that implements and automates containerised applications that can be used to fulfil multiple applications in multiple settings
  • Docker can be installed and setup very quickly and with ease
  • Offers exceptional productivity and efficiency, as the many Docker containers available can be used on the same hardware
  • Containerised applications are executed in the form of services
  • Automates infrastructure
  • Implements code quickly and with minimal effort


  • Docker does not support auto-scaling
  • Its health check capabilities are limited

Industries We Serve

  • Education ​
  • Healthcare​
  • Manufacturing & logistics​
  • Government ​
  • Retail​
  • Energy & utilities​
  • Financial services

Contact Playtime Solutions Today

Playtime Solutions can provide any Azure Kubernetes service your system may need. Submit an online enquiry today to enquire about our services.

Key Technologies
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