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Microsoft Gold Partner

Identity Management

  • Provides single sign on
  • OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 compliant endpoints
  • Authenticate using local user stores or external identity providers, such as O365, Google, Facebook, twitter, Sales Force, LinkedIn and more.
  • Can be deployed on-premise or on any Cloud infrastructure
  • No volume based charges

Business Intelligence

  • Harness the wealth of information at your finger tips by using Data Analytics, Visualizations & Insights.
  • We design and build powerful BI processes, architectures and reporting that boost productivity, improve visibility, and streamlines business processes.
  • Accelerate and improve decision-making, while accurately monitor your KPI's.
  • Identify market trends and spot business problems that need to be addressed.

API’s / Web Applications

  • Built using the latest .NET Core, cross platform, technology stack.
  • Cross platform, high performance and responsive user interfaces with a zero-step installation.
  • Strong focus on great User experience (UX) design
  • Container-based virtualization for high performance and scalability.
  • Ideal for System Integrations, or any Micro service, service based architectures.


  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery recipes.
  • Secure, automated one-click Build, Packaging and Deployments
  • Can target on-premise, or any cloud based environments
  • Kubernetes orchestrations for dynamic, high scalability
  • Enterprise grade solutions, built upon Microsoft's Azure DevOps

The Playtime Method

We understand Application Development and Data Insights and use best practices to design, build and deliver our solutions.

We continue to support our clients after the solution is deployed.

Our Philosophy

We apply formal architecture methods with pragmatic lean development and management to provide solutions to deliver requirements that meet the needs of business executives and provide functional excellence for solutions end-users.

How we do it

We have a highly scalable and secure application development framework into which our applications connects. This framework provides the required plumbing services, such as data access; transaction management; authentication and authorisation; repudiation and logging services. It can be deployed on premise or on any cloud IAAS platform and Azure PAAS layers.

Formal Architecture

Our architecture uses ISO/IEC/IEEE 42030 2011 standards, which provides a roadmap of the application implementation across functional, data, application and deployment. This addresses major architectural stakeholder concerns and can be scaled up or down based on stakeholder's requirements.

Agile/Lean Development

We concentrate on providing production ready code in 2 - 3 weekly sprints. This approach is facilitated by use of Azure DevOps, which we used to manage requirements, iteration and sprint planning; and source code management for continuous integration and automation of builds and deployments.

Experience Matters
We have the wisdom of hard lessons learned and the knowledge of outstanding results.
Understanding technology, business functions, and organisational change is difficult. IT and business unwittingly speak different languages.
We’re comfortable operating in and traversing the boundaries, of these often, disconnected worlds.
We aim to help & support in any areas needed, by removing friction, enabling you to get results.
Collaborative Approach
Our aim is to understand your business, so we can be the trusted and valuable extension to your IT group.
Through collaboration, we drive innovation, deliver value and initiate change. While upskilling your internal staff, as an added bonus.
We pride ourselves on our reputation and ability to help uplift teams, then being able to walk away, knowing the solution is left in capable hands.
Getting Down to Business
Our Application Framework kick starts the development process by laying enterprise strength foundations, using tried and tested building blocks.
This means we hit the ground running and can focus on the immediate delivery of business value . Enabling you to see a return on investment in the shortest time possible.
Our framework and DevOps practices are in use by both government and major institutions around Australia.
Once the building blocks are in place the possibilities are enormous.

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We would love to have a chat about how we can help.
Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email if you are interested in our service offerings.


Main Contact
  • Level 1, 455 Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC, 3000

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We are an Outcome-Based organisation
Our company DNA is key in our ability to deliver successful outcomes.

Core Values

  • Simple, not the complex.
  • Hard work, transparency, respect, no-nonsense and continuous self improvement.
  • Settle for nothing less than excellence, be willing to admit we’re wrong & have the courage to change.
  • Support, trust and empower our people.
  • 100% commitment, delivering outstanding results, and setting the bar high.
  • Anything is possible, but focus is necessary.
  • Master the technology, but understand, prioritize and support our customers’ business.
These values are taught and expected internally across all levels of our organisation.

PlayTimeX Application Framework

Building new secure, fault tolerant and highly distributed software is becoming more and more complex. We all know that building these types of software systems is a non trivial task. Our application and security framework hides much of the IT complexity required to implemented these complex software ecosystems. This framework supports the applications that will run as containers and microservices that can be deployed in secure private and public clouds. The combination of our framework, people and values are the key drivers in our business delivering consistent and quality based software.

For more information go to

Application Framework

The PlayTimeX Application Framework is a comprehensive set of code libraries and design approaches that streamline any development process by supercharging the Microsoft .NET Core and Angular frameworks. It provides all of the support needed to effectively hide technical details from the rest of the functional aspects of the system and includes a set of Presentation, API and Data Access support services, database and integration hooks, communication layers and the ability to configure, monitor, and control the system.

It can be deployed on premise, or in the cloud, using any of the major cloud providers, such as Azure, AWS, Google, IBM, and more…

Rather than spend client’s money and time on these important services we start designing and building business functionality from day one and our clients love that.

  • Communication within the team is critical for effective software development.
  • When problems occur in development, most often someone else in the team knows the solution; but often that knowledge does not get to the person with the power to make the change.
  • Communication is important for creating a sense of team and effective cooperation.
  • Simplify your designs and code;
  • Make your design and code simple enough to solve the current problem.
  • Change creates the need for feedback.
  • Agile teams strive to generate as much feedback as they can to handle as quickly as possible.
  • The sooner you know, the sooner you can adapt.
  • Critical part of communication.
  • Members of the team must respect and care about each other.
  • If members of the team don’t care about a project, nothing can save it.
  • No one is worth more than anyone else.
  • In order to improve each person’s contribution needs to be respected.
Sense of Team

People need a sense of acceptance and belonging. We all need a sense of “team”:

  • We belong.
  • We are in this together.
  • We support each others’ work, growth and learning.
  • Value in software is created not just by what people know and do but also by their relationships and what they accomplish together.
Energised Work
  • Work productively. Work your allocated 7-8 hrs a day. When at work, WORK and then go home.
  • Don’t get distracted by Phones, Email, Internet browsing and Online chat, Other people, Communication.

Good communication is paramount. Positive teamwork can only happen if the communication is free flowing and effective. Communication is not just getting the message out but listening as well.

Clear and involved communication is paramount:

  1. In team decisions.
  2. In code comments.
  3. Wherever it will have an impact on the team.