Application Modernisation

Uncover your competitive edge to disrupt and deliver outstanding digital experiences.

  • Monolithic to Microservices
  • Cloud-Native applications
  • New application build
  • SaaS integration and Cloud-Native serverless

Platform Modernisation

Arm your development team with a bespoke well-architected platform environment.

  • Serverless application platforms
  • Data warehouse &
    data pipelines platform
  • DevOps automation

Data Engineering/ DataOps

Harness the wealth of information at your fingertips through Data Analytics, visualizations & insights.

  • Azure-based data platforms
  • Best practice Power BI tenant administration and security
  • Reporting, dashboards and benchmarking


Deploy best-practice, production ready Kubernetes across Azure, AWS and GCP.

  • Cluster isolation and resource management
  • Cluster and workload security
  • Scaling your applications and clusters

Enabling your Application & Data Modernisation.

Playtime Solutions is a specialist engineering and professional technology services provider, dedicated to helping organisations to scale up and deliver their competitive-edge through world-class bespoke Cloud-Native solutions. We enable rapid innovation and agility, by remodeling legacy to Cloud Native, and preserving existing assets.

As a trusted Australian technology partner, we are passionate about delivering on our promises, that’s why customers trust our squad of experts to just make it happen.

People Centric
We empower your engineers.

The fundamental difference to our approach is that we are dedicated to knowledge transfer, and enablement. As well as handing over the keys to your bespoke enterprise-grade solution, your engineers will have gained invaluable insight, experience and knowledge as part of working within a Playtime Squad.

Delivering Outcomes

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to designing, building and delivering bespoke application, platform, data, and Cloud-Native solutions. We’re all about delivering outcomes that give you a competitive edge within your industry.

No two solutions are the same, but our best-practice approach is. We come prepared with the technical expertise, knowledge, proven technology framework, and enterprise-ready approach so that you’re not building from the ground up to get what you want.

Engaging Digital

Give your customers the platinum digital experience that can't be bought off-the-shelf. We'll design, build and deliver the best experience that customers will rave about.

Intelligence & Data
at your fingertips

Is your current system limiting you from gaining the intel that you need? Tap into your wealth of IP, insight and information, with a bespoke solution built to your requirements.


Incubate ideas, fail fast, and foster creativity. Design, develop and give your talented technical team access to the tools needed to innovate and rise to the occasion.

Launch New Products
& Services

You've got big plans to launch a new product or service. Now is the time to partner with a world-class technology expert to make it happen.

Cost & Resource

Reduce the mundane, automate and optimise where you can. We'll work with you to identify and implement quick wins that will provide maximum business impact.

Security &

Build in the security and confidence to innovate at scale. Bespoke solutions designed to meet your specific security and compliance scenarios.

It's Time to Make it Happen

Don’t let current limitations stop you from achieving your goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so let us help scope out the top priorities and build a solution to showcase success and ultimate potential.

The key to getting ahead is to get started.

1. Plan it

Plan out the best way forward to achieving your desired outcomes and enabling your teams.

2. Prove it

Build an MvP (Minimal Viable Product) to prove success in delivering the outcomes.

3.Scale it

Scale-out and build on top of the success. Empower your engineers and users with the right tools, best experiences, and valuable knowledge to innovate at scale.

Playtime Solutions in numbers
Playtime Solutions
Avg. Years of Engineering
Technical Engineers &
Customer Project
Solutions Delivered
Australian Based
We come prepared.

Building new secure, fault tolerant and highly distributed software is becoming more and more complex. We all know that building modern software systems is a non-trivial task.

You are never ‘starting from the beginning’ when you’re working with Playtime, every solution that we deliver is built from a solid baseline of knowledge, expertise, experience, and leverages cutting edge technology to drive the optimal customer outcome. We have best-practice frameworks and standardised development engines in place, for confidence and assurance in every build.

Strategic Technology Partners

We are proud to have strategic partnerships with leading technology providers. Our industry experts and technical engineers are qualified and experienced in a range of leading technologies.

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