OneAlpha Tech

OneAlpha Tech

Disrupting the global airport capacity and slot management industry

In 2020, Australian-based newcomer, OneAlpha, launched its airport capacity management and insights platform, disrupting the global airport capacity and slot management industry.


Airport Capacity Management is critical to the operation of an airport.  It is a fundament to strategically and carefully manage large volumes of real-time data. The data must be available, accurate and reliable to carefully manage availability and scheduling. such data includes terminal, runway and apron capability. This is complex and high-pressure. Airports are required to consistently deliver more capacity at lower costs. When there is a breakdown in the capacity management process, problems can arise:

  • Lost Revenue
  • Delays
  • Increased Service Costs
  • Poor Passenger Experience
  • Missed Connections
  • Reduced Public Confidence

Leveraging the latest technology is the key. Unfortunately, in the Aviation industry today, software choices for airport capacity management are limited, dated, and lacking the sophistication needed for today’s demands.


Playtime Solutions was tasked by OneAlpha to come up with a fresh & modern approach, for a new product that would disrupt the Aviation Industry. This new product would meet key gaps in the market, deliver a competitive advantage, and allow the OneAlpha team to continually improve and innovate, as well as rapidly scale up to meet global demands.

The insightful airport capacity management system provides cutting-edge, fully automated airport coordination and capacity management, which offers a holistic approach for airport planning and management.

OneAlpha enables airports to manage their runways, terminals, apron, gates, security, baggage, immigration and check-in with high degrees of AI and automation for coordination and airport capacity decision making. Along with the core system, OneAlpha also provides an easy-to-use, Airline Portal that gives airlines and general aviation operators the ability to easily submit new slot requests, query airport availability and pending request status, and more.

The technical implementation involved, a multi-region, containerised microservice architecture, backed by Cloud based infrastructure, managed by Kubernetes, all built upon the latest Open ID Connect security standards. Fully automated, one click, DevOps build and deployment pipelines allow for fast, reliable global up-scaling and upgrade rollouts, without interruptions to daily business processes.

Playtime Solutions architected and built a cloud-native platform based on the latest best of breed container based/Kubernetes and DevOps technologies available, ensuring key measures such as:

  • Performance
  • Load
  • Scalability
  • Ease of use
  • Automation
  • Intelligent Insight

OneAlpha Tech


Transportation and Logistics


  • Bespoke Application Modernisation
  • Kubernetes
  • Microsoft Azure
  • DevOps
  • Mongo DB
  • Power BI

Competitive Outcomes & Results

Being able to leverage all the modern benefits of the cloud , such as unlimited scaling and processing power, OneAlpha pushes the limits and achieves in seconds, what traditionally has taken hours, days or weeks to do, by its competitors.

OneAlpha also provides the ability to fully manage airport aprons, for the entire season, currently not possible in any other coordination system in the market.

OneAlpha provides airport planning teams with critical insights to evaluate infrastructure upgrades and the flexibility to manage temporary closures. The forecasting tool allows business development teams to determine available capacity for additional airline services in future seasons.

The initial reaction by the Aviation Industry has far exceeded expectations, there has been a lot of excitement and interest by several of the world’s busiest airports. OneAlpha is currently rolling out across 42 airports, and in various stages of commercial discussions.

10,000+ Capacity checks

Ability to easily manage high-volumes of data

2-4 hrs to 5secs

Average slot request response time reduced

4-6 weeks to a few hrs

Average slot request response time reduced


Satisfaction in delivery of Competitive-edge solution


OneAlpha solution used in busy international airport

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