Improving Patient Outcomes

Improving Patient Outcomes

Bespoke Application & Data Modernisation

Enterprise-grade bespoke solutions that
empower teams to deliver their best.

We understand that having the same objectives doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the same approach.

With years of experience in working with Clinical Registries, we will help make sense of the technical complexities, listen to your challenges, and design and deliver a solution that will give you the outcome needed to improve efficiency, visibility and reach your strategic goals.

icon Playtime DataCollection


Simplify the data collection process. Easy to use web interface, data integration, and intelligent data cleansing and standardisation.

icon Playtime Data Reporting


Gain the insight and intelligence that you and your teams need to make confident decisions. Bespoke reports and dashboards.

icon Playtime DataBenchmarking


Integrate and sync data for benchmarking. Give yourself a clear birds-eye view to improve patient outcomes.

icon Playtime DataOther


Leverage best-in-class technology to solve challenges and redefine your approach. We won’t shy away from a challenge.

Delivering Outcomes

Bespoke solutions that enable you to deliver better health outcomes and experiences for all patients.

Capture patient experiences

Streamline and standardise captured data for reliability & confidence.

Treatment & process effectiveness

Determine treatment and procedural effectiveness with the right data & insight at your finger-tips.

Predict patient outcomes

Access intel. to identify factors to predict favourable and unfavourable outcomes

Support distributed teams

Centralise systems to reduce the IT burden on smaller and distributed teams.

Foster Clinical Research

Support and lead improvements in outcomes, patient care and survival.

Benchmark for better outcomes

Access and contribute data to raise the standard of care across the industry.

Governance & Security

Automate and enforce governance and security standards to reduce administrative burden.

On-the-pulse data & insights

Standardise and raise the quality of the data available. Gain access to real-time intel.

Collection & Reporting for finger
on the pulse insight.

Data collection of over 200 hospitals across Australia and New Zealand. Bespoke web portal used to upload and centralise data collection. Customised reports and dashboards to assist in determining the clinical effectiveness of treatments/procedures.

Data Reporting

Benchmarking for excellence
in patient care and outcomes

Sophisticated bespoke benchmarking solution. Provides reliable and standardised data to benchmark and monitor trends in device failure and revisions, and survival over time. Shared data and insight fosters research to support the improvement in patient care and survival.

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