State Government Critical Infrastructure Business

State Government Critical Infrastructure Business

Cloud Platform Security Audit for a State Government Critical Infrastructure Business.

The Client   

Our client is an Australian statutory authority owned by the State Government. It controls and manages all essential water bodies in one of Australia’s major cities.


In today’s highly regulated landscape, all government-regulated entities are mandated to undergo an annual Governance Cyber Security Index assessment to ensure they maintain robust cloud platforms.

Our client did not want to stop with just the annual index assessment. They specifically tasked us with reviewing their Azure and AWS platforms against the stringent NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) framework and the most up-to-date industry best practices in terms of cloud platform adoption. This project was a pivotal component of their continuous improvement and extensive Cyber Security program.


They chose Playtime Solutions for our reputation as a trusted independent assessor and our expertise in cloud platform engineering and security. Moreover, they wanted to understand how they can further enhance their robust cyber defences to ensure they continued to stay well ahead with their platform security posture.

The engagement was rapid with delivery timelines being under 6 weeks. The squad-based delivery model prioritised the shared goal of delivering business outcomes through dual delivery between Playtime and our client team. All work was performed by highly qualified and motivated local engineers, with Information Security Management and Governance Guidelines were in place to ensure the highest level of security for client data.


Assessment and Risk Categorisation: The assessment phase was marked by close collaboration, with findings shared through interactive walkthroughs with the client. Findings were categorised based on NIST guidelines, and recommendations for continuous improvement were documented.

Remediation Planning: We proposed comprehensive remediation action plans tailored to the client’s specific requirements. Through active dialogue and collaboration, we refined these plans to ensure alignment with the client’s objectives and operational constraints.

Final Audit Report and Review: We produced comprehensive finding reports, empowering the client to reclassify the findings based on the organisational risk appetite and their business priorities.

Enhanced Security Posture: The client was able to make further enhancements to safeguard critical assets, continuing their commitment to prioritised security. 

Informed Decision-Making: The collaborative approach meant that the client was able to make informed decisions on where to strategically direct efforts based on the findings. 

Improved Compliance: The client’s adherence to industry best practices and regulatory standards was reinforced, ensuring compliance and fostering trust among key stakeholders.

Onboarding Playtime Cloud Platform Engineers: Playtime Solutions seamlessly integrated into the client’s operations, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate alignment with the project objectives.

Collaborative Squad Formation: Playtime Solutions and the client formed a dedicated squad, orchestrating efforts to drive targeted outcomes within a defined timeframe. This collaborative approach facilitated efficient communication and synergy between teams.



Our commitment to delivering comprehensive and rapid assessments in under 6 weeks amplifies the power of collaboration and our expertise in driving tangible outcomes. If you’re seeking a partner to bolster your cyber resilience and ensure compliance with regulatory standards, let’s connect and explore how we can tailor our expertise to your organisation’s requirements.  


Australian statutory authority owned by the State Government


Government / Critical Infrastructure

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